About Us

About Us

Interior design is an immensely important aspect of planning a space. Though often overlooked, interior design is crucial in that it allows individuals and companies to uniquely express themselves and their values. Everything from how a space feels, how it looks, and its functionality are vital details that deliver the unique identity and experience that serves to set you apart from the rest.

PIXEL Interior Design aims to provide truly timeless, unique designs that reflect the identity and values of both individuals and businesses alike. Founded on the island of Batam in 2018, PIXEL Interior Design connects the nation’s residential and commercial sectors to a comprehensive selection of world-class design services. Our passion, experience, dedication, and attention to detail equip us to deliver functional and intuitive designs that exceed expectations in every way.

At PIXEL Interior Design, we help you express who you are as an individual and what your business stands for. Our team is committed to meeting the unique needs of each client, overcoming every obstacle that arises along the way, and delivering a completed space that both looks great and functions according to plan.

Vision & Mission

Our VisionOur Vision

  • To provide a comprehensive selection of world-class design services nationally
  • Enable individuals and businesses alike to effectively express themselves through design
  • Create design masterpieces that make our clients’ businesses truly stand out

Our MissionOur Mission

  • To penetrate every market sector nationally
  • Consistently undertake and successful complete large-scale projects nationwide
  • Dedication to exceed client expectations in every way


  • Bespoke design
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Client-first mentality
  • Functional designs
  • Clear communication to establish and exceed expectations
  • Comprehensive, all-in-one design services
  • Experience that counts
  • Unique designs that reflect you


We are Professional

We believe that every project should be handled with an air of professionalism. From delivering results that exceed expectations, to clear communication and meeting deadlines, we endeavor to show the same level of respect in every project we undertake.

Functionality is Key

A design is only as valuable as its function. At PIXEL Interior Design, we strive to keep functionality at the forefront of each design element we incorporate into our projects.

Dedication to Qualit

Our passion for design drives us to pay meticulous attention to even the smallest details of every project. We ensure that the final product we deliver is the absolute best in terms of workmanship and quality because that is what our clients have come to expect of us.