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Interior Design

You are you. You are not your neighbor and you are not mass produced. Why should your home or business be copied and pasted from any other? Our goal is to make sure that your home and place of business reflect you. Your values, your tastes, and the other important aspects that make you who you are.

Think of the interior design process along the lines of going to a tailor and getting a bespoke suit that fits you perfectly. At PIXEL Interior Design, we are passionate about creating unique, meaningful, and functional spaces for your work and life.

Our Process From Concept to Production

How We Work

General Location Survey

Our professional team conducts a brief survey of the location in order to get an initial understanding of the setting for the project.

Initial Offer and Dealing

We meet with prospective clients to offer our selection of services, as well as explain our design process, pricing, and service terms and conditions.

Discussion and Detailed Location Survey

Our design team meets with the client to discuss the overall needs and desires for the given project, while also conducting an in-depth survey of the project location.

Project Details Confirmed

At this stage, we work with the client to confirm what the expected outcome of the project will be, from an overview of concept and design, to projected timeline and costs.

Mood Board

Our team of designers works to establish the general concept and idea of what outcome of the project will look like. The mood board consists of a visual presentation of images, materials, and sample objects that represent the finished project.

Furniture Layout

We put thought and planning into the types of furniture needed to achieve the desired feel, functionality, and experience of the space.

3-D Visualization

We provide our clients with a detailed 3-D rendering of what their space will look like after the design is applied. At this stage of the design process, it is important for clients to suggest any revisions or corrections to the design before moving forward.

Ceiling Plan

In collaboration with the client, we craft a ceiling plan in order to lay out the location of each electrical fixture, from lights and power outlets, to sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, and switches. This detailed plan enables our team of builders will be able to execute every detail of overall plan with finesse.

Mechanical and Electrical

Our engineers meticulously draft, design, and plan the detailed mechanical and electrical components for each project, including, but not limited to: water and plumbing, energy supply/distribution, HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, fire safety, and security systems.

Floor Plan

The project floor plan is drawn, illustrating the positioning of permanent fixtures within the space, such as doors, windows, walls, staircases, and appliances. In addition to showing the potential furniture layout within the scope and dimensions of the space, floor plans also highlight how rooms relate, connect, and flow into one another.

Custom Millwork Drawing

In this crucial stage of the design phase, our team works out the fine details for each piece of custom furniture to be used in the space. From concept and build materials, to quality and functionality, we ensure that our clients receive items that not only look great, but are crafted with expert precision.


In this final step of the design process, we compile all of the previous data, including the overall concept, mood board, 3-D visualization, furniture layout, ceiling and floor plan, along with the table of materials in preparation for the production phase.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced construction and engineering personnel ensure that the overall project plans and design details are executed with the highest level of accuracy and finesse.